Retail and Small Business



Delivery on demand

  • Use our on demand service to delivery to your customers when they want.
  • Option to schedule deliveries for the time and date you need.

With the iWAD app or desktop version, it couldn’t be simpler to request a delivery:

  • 1. Enter your information / Delivery information.
  • 2. Select the required Vehicle size.
  • 3. Confirm the job.
  • 4. iWAD, then detects the nearest ‘drivers’ and offers them the delivery and if accepted the system calculates the approximate time of collection. You do have the option to select specific drivers.

A bespoke solution for your delivery needs….

iWADis available as a stand-alone system to use within your retail outlets or warehouse. The delivery network can be accessed through Desktop or Laptop PC. Alternatively, we can provide ready-to-use tablet devices that are pre-installed with iWAD.

Wireless functionality means deliveries can be uploaded anywhere in your store where wi-fi is available.

iWAD puts you in control of your deliveries. Know where your deliveries are at all times with our real time tracking information.

Sophisticated integrated location and tracking features:

  • View how many drivers are near the pick up location.
  • Estimate time of collection and delivery.
  • Real-time traffic updates mean more accurate information