Business wanting to use iWAD

iWAD allows your business to offer an on demand deliver service to your customers.

The set up is very simple. You can contact us by clicking here. Once we have your information a member of our team will be in touch to arrange a meeting. We can then set your team up with access to our Web Portal or provide a tablet solution to be able to offer this in your stores.

If you are looking to offer an on demand delivery service to online shoppers, we can provide an API that will allow you to offer a same day delivery option to your website.

You can join iWAD for free, if you have API or other requirements this is something our team can discuss in more detail. However, iWAD is an on demand delivery platform that allows businesses to be able to offer a same day or scheduled delivery option.

In your Dashboard each part of the journey a delivery takes you can see in real time, this includes being able to see where the driver is and the customer signature once a parcel has been delivered.

Drop us a message and a member of our team will be in touch with you to go through your requirements in more detail.

All delivery charges are fixed, you can see via the software how much a delivery will approximate cost per delivery

If you are delivering within 5 mile radius we have a volume based model that means the more parcels on the collection the cheaper each delivery. This is worked out using our unique mart rooting algorithm to make the drivers delivery more efficient and pass the saving onto our customers.

Drivers wanting to join iWAD

You can join us by downloading the application and following the Driver Sign up process.  If you have any further questions you can click here and a member of our team will be in touch.

Once you register with us, we will require documentation before we can approve your request. We require your personal documentation including: DVLA Driving License Photocard, DVLA Driving License Paper Counterpart. Vehicle documents that include: MOT and Insurance Certificate of cover. Once we have all the information uploaded to our system you can then start working with us.

We believe in ensuring all our drivers have someone they can talk to with any enquires you may have. Each driver is provided with contact details of their own account manager to help with any questions or concerns.

iWAD is able to provide all our drivers with the required device. You will be required to pay a small deposit and a monthly fee for the use of the device but the deposit is returned if you decide to stop being part of our network of drivers.

The driver app allows you to make yourself “Off Duty” when you do not wish to receive jobs. When this option is selected you will receive no jobs.

The Driver app will show you the amount our drivers will be paid for a delivery before it takes place. You then get the option to accept or reject this. Once the delivery is completed this will show as a completed order in your Dashboard. Payments are made to our drivers weekly.

iWAD primes its self in ensuring all issues are solved as fast as possible, with this in mind you can email our support team or contact your account manager.

Yes, before you take a job you get the information with the collection and delivery address, our drivers get 5 minutes to accept the order before it goes to another driver in the area.

There is no cost to our drivers, once you join our network of drivers, you are required to have the app installed on your phone to be able to received deliveries.